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6-13 May 2017
byAnthony Shaffer
Nothing is as it seems in this brilliant whodunit, where the audience will witness a bizarre series of events. The scene is set in a beautiful English country house owned by a famous mystery writer. A young guest arrives and they begin a convivial round of scotch and dialogue. Suddenly the host says "I understand you want to marry my wife" and from that moment the two are locked in mortal combat. A slice of mystery for our Spring show.
8-15 July 2017
byBrandon Thomas
Jack is in love with Kitty. Charley is in love with Amy. They both need Charley's Aunt to help but when she doesn't turn up, they coerce their friend and fellow student into posing as the widowed millionairess. Things become more complicated when Jack's father and then Amy's uncle turn up. Both men take a keen interest in Charley's Aunt – from Brazil, where the nuts come from... Comical farce at its very best.
New Season!
9-16 September 2017
byRonald Harwood
The play begins shortly after the funeral of Edith's and Renata's mother. Edith – severe, embittered & unmarried – has sacrificed her life to nurse the bedridden old woman. Renata – glamorous, foxy and married several times, has spent her life doing what she pleases. When the contents of the will are made known, childhood rivalries re-emerge, resulting in a moral tale, both powerful and comical.
4-11 November 2017
byBrian Clemens
"Sherlock Holmes was a glorious fiction – Jack the Ripper a ghastly fact".

Brian Clemens has combined the two and produced a fast-moving dramatisation of one of the most plausible of the Ripper theories. Holmes & Watson become embroiled in the grisly murders in Whitechapel, 1888 – a show that will keep the audience on the edge of their seat, should they dare to watch it...
12-20 Jan 2018
byIan Thompson
This traditional and very popular panto follows the trials and tribulations of principal boy Aladdin, as he faces the evil Abanazar and his wicked sorcery. Join us as we travel to a far off land with a host of colourful characters including Widow Twankey, the magical Genie and a beautiful princess. Will Aladdin get his girl? Fun & laughter for all the family!

Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
3-10 March 2018
byEric Chappell
It's a cold winter's evening and bitter divorcé Henry is enjoying another night of glorious solitude. He is soon disturbed however, by the unwelcome appearance of his son, Matthew, bringing with him his new Gothic girlfriend, Christine. Sparks soon fly – but this is just the beginning, and before long Henry is facing some important decisions, especially when his ex-wife turns up...! A warm and touching comedy for all ages.
5-12 May 2018
byApril Angelis
Of vital importance to the development of English drama was the entrance of the first actresses upon the stage. April De Angel has taken five of these women – Nell Gwyn, Elizabeth Farley, Rebecca Marshall, Doll Common and Mary Betterton – and given us a fascinating look at their precarious lives in the Restoration period. A moving and often comic account of a true story based around 1669.
7-14 July 2018
byIan Gower & Paul Carpenter
This stage adaptation of the popular BBC comedy takes its source primarily from the first two series of the show. It follows the bubbly and bouncy Vicar Geraldine Grainger, who is assigned to a small farming village called Dibley. At first the local community are horrified at the thought of a female Vicar, but eventually they learn to accept her. She too learns – and challenges – the steadfast ways of the village, and manoeuvres her way into the hearts of the parishioners and their community.